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Where technology marketers go for the latest insights and best practices to maximize ROI

2015 TechTarget Worldwide ROI Summits

26 February, 2015 | Munich

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March 19, 2015 | San Francisco

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26 March, 2015 | Paris

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May 7, 2015 | Austin

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11 June, 2015 | London

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6 October, 2015 | Singapore

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8 October, 2015 | Sydney

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October 28, 2015 | Boston

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"Marketers think they have seen it all and know it all – the Summit is a reminder that we don’t!"

Director of Marketing, Paxata

TechTarget's Event Series Customized to the Needs and Preferences of Today's Technology Marketers

The Worldwide ROI Summit Brings Local Technology Marketers Together to Discuss the Latest Innovations and Strategies to Grow ROI in the Current IT Landscape.

The Summit changed my views on what is driving the buying process. It had lots of great ideas about helping sales through marketing intelligence.

Senior Manager, Channel Marketing, NetApp

I walked away with some good ideas and plan to take them back to my team, vendors, partners.

Marketing Manager, Mainline Information Systems

Very relevant. Great to hear real world stories from peers and target customers.

Senior Director of Marketing, Gridstore

Since 2008, TechTarget has hosted thousands of technology marketers to discuss the current IT marketplace and the latest strategies to effectively identify, engage, and influence the right IT decision makers. Expanding across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, this event series is designed to accommodate its audience by focusing its content on the topics marketers care about most and hosting the events in the format they prefer.

Firsthand Insight and Guidance from your Target Audience
At each event, a panel of local Senior IT Decision Makers will discuss the current market and how IT budgets are being allocated. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear directly from IT buyers on how they conduct their research and make purchase decisions.

Exclusive Access to the Latest Research and Best Practices to Enhance your Programs
Attendees will be exposed to new research on the content preferences of IT buyers and real-world examples of aligning your programs to keep pace with them.

Unlimited Networking Opportunities
Throughout each event there are unlimited networking opportunities for you and your local technology marketing peers to discuss current stategies and share best practices.

Customized to Today's Busy Marketer
It can be difficult to take an entire day out of one's busy schedule. Each Worldwide ROI Summit is a half-day event packed with best practices and strategies that attendees will be able to implement as soon as they return to the office.

Free to Attend
All Worldwide ROI Summits are compliementary and we encourage you to bring your teams together to hear about the latest research and technology marketing strategies to help drive towards maximum ROI.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

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Pam Barros
Sales Manager, Business Applications & Architecture Media

Resources for Marketers

Compiled of best practices and white papers, market research reports and ROI driven case studies, TechTarget's Resources for Marketers provides technology marketers the information and insight they need to enhance their strategies.

To see all of the content that is readily available,

Mktr2Mktr Blog

TechTarget's blog, Mktr2Mktr, is technology marketers' connection to insight and resources from the TechTarget marketing team. Here, marketers will learn about TechTarget's opinions, resources, and point of views on current marketing initiatives and strategies.

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