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Worldwide ROI Summit Austin
May 7, 2015

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2015 event.
We look forward to hosting you again. Save your seat for 2016.

Walk away with the framework required to build a
more powerful marketing and sales strategy


Thursday, May 7, 2015


Registration and Breakfast


Welcome and Opening Remarks
Presented by: Steve Niemiec, Senior Vice President, Sales


Session 1: Understanding the IT Landscape and the Needs of Today’s Technology Buying Teams
Presented by: Jon Brown, Vice President, Market Intelligence


Before building an intelligence-driven strategy, you must first understand the dynamics of your market and how your target audience makes a purchase decision. With growing budgets and a wealth of information readily available to them, technology buyers are seeking more from marketing and sales when selecting the right vendor.

Featuring research from TechTarget's latest IT Priorities and Media Consumption studies, and a panel discussion with IT decision makers, this session will discuss the new IT landscape and why it requires a more intelligence-driven approach from technology vendors.

What attendees will learn:

  • The emerging priorities and trends that are driving IT investments in 2015
  • How IT purchase decisions are made and by whom in the organization
  • How certain marketing strategies are ineffective when it comes to influencing purchase decisions
  • How sales reps are losing out on deals from marketing-generated opportunities and what changes must be made



Session 2: Be a Publisher, By a Publisher: Building a Content Architecture
Presented by: Courtney Kay, Vice President, Field & Product Marketing


Today everyone’s a publisher, which means content has become your business. Being an effective brand publisher takes planning, teamwork and a strong foundation- or content architecture- to effectively deliver. Operating in the technology publishing space for over 15 years, TechTarget has learned a thing or two about making a business out of content. In this session we’ll share a few of our secrets (and screw ups) to help you make the most out of your content business.

In particular, we’ll highlight considerations and tips around:

  • Establishing a taxonomy (bringing order to content chaos through smarter classification),
  • Prioritizing content types (what to say, who should say it, and how)
  • Determining the right content types to build, (140 characters, or 140 pages? decisions decisions)
  • Formulating a content calendar (keeping production on point)
  • And more


Session 3: Integrating Intelligence into the Work Flow of Sales and Marketing
Presented by: Justin Hoskins, Vice President, Product Architecture and Innovation


The right content strategy will isolate the best opportunities for you and your sales teams and will feature the insight and intelligence required to effectively engage today’s buyer. Now it is time to ensure your sales team adopts and effectively utilizes the intelligence that you deliver.

In this session, we’ll share the new tools and approaches to identify ready-to-buy opportunities, inside and outside of your own database, and how your intelligence-driven marketing strategy can generate the best ROI for your organization.

What attendees will learn:

  • New approaches to make the most out of your database
  • New tools available for project and opportunity identification
  • Firsthand use cases of how leading sales and marketing teams are identifying projects in real-time, based on different organization structures



Session 4: Best Practices from the Front Lines
Moderated by: Peter Ross, Vice President, Corporate Marketing
Panelists: Dawn Colossi, Senior Director of Worldwide Corporate Marketing, CommVault
Staci Gullotta, Director, Worldwide Digital Marketing, CommVault
Ben Bradley, Senior Client Consulting Manager


The ever changing IT landscape has empowered technology buyers to self-educate and make decisions in advance of any interaction with a company’s front line marketing or sales efforts.

In this session, CommVault’s marketing team will reveal how they took on this challenge with their unique always-on, buying team approach and cross-solution promotional strategy. They will also discuss the key role that account intelligence played in not just identifying opportunities, but influencing them to realize a 36x ROI.


Session 5: Be a Publisher, By a Publisher: Delivering Content to Close
Presented by: Courtney Kay, Vice President, Field and Product Marketing

What good is great content if nobody reads it? The second most important part of a successful publishing model is building a distribution strategy that delivers your great content through the right channels, and to the most applicable audiences. In this session, we’ll explore how to insert your content into the buyer’s journey and leverage today’s data tools to improve the return.

In particular, we’ll take a look at:

  • Understanding distribution channels (a look at which channels b2b tech buyers are prioritizing)
  • Aligning content types and distribution channels (figuring out “what” goes “where”)
  • Enabling the buyer’s journey (nurture strategies to keep buyers on “your” journey)
  • Evaluating distribution channels (rethinking attribution models in 2015)


Closing Remarks: 5 Ways to Build and Execute an Intelligence-Driven Marketing and Sales Strategy
Presented by: Steve Niemiec, Senior Vice President, Sales


Networking Lunch


"Marketers think they have seen it all and know it all – the Summit is a reminder that we don’t!"

Director of Marketing, Paxata

Hear from today's technology marketing leaders at the ROI Summit Austin


The technology purchasing process has evolved.
So should the approach taken by marketing & sales.

The Worldwide ROI Summit returns to Austin to deliver the framework to build the Intelligence-Driven Marketing and Sales strategy the marketplace demands.

The Summit changed my views on what is driving the buying process. It had lots of great ideas about helping sales through marketing intelligence.

Senior Manager, Channel Marketing, NetApp

The Summit featured great takeaways. It is always valuable to hear actual real-life examples and in-depth strategies from marketers.

Digital Marketing Specialist, Extreme Networks

I am very glad I came. The Summit was a great investment of my time.

Director, Demand Generation Strategy, Fiserv

Research and panel discussions on the current technology buying landscape
Gain a complete understanding of your target audience; their investment priorities, their roles in the decision-making process and what they expect from you when making a purchase. The Worldwide ROI Summit will present results from TechTarget’s latest IT Priorities and Media Consumption research studies to show how today’s growing IT budgets are now being allocated with the rise of emerging technologies such as cloud computing and BYOD and the information buyers seek from vendors. The summit will also bring a group of IT decision makers together to discuss how their organization makes a purchase and which marketing and sales tactics are most effective influencing those decisions.

Templates and steps to build the strong content strategy that will influence today’s technology buying team
Build a content strategy that identifies the right prospects, educates them on your offering and drives them to your sales team for engagement. Marketers from some of today’s leading technology vendors and TechTarget’s Content Marketing experts will share what it takes to accurately plan, build and execute the right content strategy to deliver the best opportunities for your sales team.

Tools to identify sales-ready opportunities inside and outside of your database
Make the most out of your database and avoid missing out on identifying which of your contacts are looking to make a purchase. There are new tools and ways to gain an in-depth view of who has an IT project within your technology market segment along with a detailed profile for sales to have when engaging the decision makers. The Worldwide ROI Summit will show how to attain this view and the competitive advantage it provides.

The new sales approach that closes deals with today’s well-informed technology buyer
Complete the intelligence-driven strategy by seamlessly integrating intelligence into your organization’s work flow. Leverage the data and insight you have developed through your marketing strategies in the engagement efforts of your sales team. The Worldwide ROI Summit will provide easy-to-implement approaches to get your sales team to adopt the intelligence you provide and utilize it in their engagement strategies to close more deals.

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