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Market Intelligence Live!

Jon Brown, Vice President, Market Intelligence

Our most popular session featuring purchasing research and a live panel Q&A session of IT Decision Makers being asked what you want to know most - including how they research solutions, what works and what doesn’t, and what their top purchase plans are for the upcoming year.

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Intelligence Driven Marketing: Creating a sales addiction to marketing

Andy Briney, Senior Vice President, Custom Media
Courtney Kay
, Vice President, Field and Product Marketing

2014 is the year that marketing means revenue. As Revenue Marketers, doing what we do well is directly related to what your sales teams will do with what you deliver. In this session, we’ll explore how to create the kind of marketing output your sales teams will get addicted to, and the state-of-the-art brand and content marketing strategies you need to employ to make it happen.

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Intelligence Driven Sales: Changing the revenue game in 2014

Justin Hoskins, Vice President, Product Architecture and Innovation
Jeff Ramminger, Senior Vice President, Field/Product Marketing and Client Consulting

Not only are your buyers getting to the short list without ever having a conversation with you, they’re demanding a lot more from your sales teams when they finally do. This session will explore how specific forms of sales intelligence, both predictive and activity, can be used to grow the pipeline, and increase the bottom line. We’ll share ideas and examples of how sales can begin to leverage this intelligence – and discuss the challenges that marketing and sales execs will face in practice with adoption.

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