Marketing intelligence is just the beginning

TechTarget's ROI Summit San Francisco introduces marketers to a new way of making decisions that guarantees pipeline growth and revenue.

Technology marketers are all on a quest to identify where the IT projects are located among their prospects and how to deliver true opportunities to their sales teams. On April 17th, TechTarget will spend the morning with 100+ Bay Area marketers to discuss the mandate that has been placed on them to become more intelligent with their programs and strategies. Listed below are just a few of the topics that will be covered over the course of the morning.

  • The power of intelligence and tips on how to inject data analytics into your marketing
    • Insights that readily available data can provide marketers when running programs
    • Effective ways to leverage intelligence and convert information into revenue
    • The role intelligence plays across your marketing to improve the selling process
  • Actionable applications around content marketing best practices
    • Develop, map and review buyer personas, content attributes and content engagement
    • Explore external sources of intelligence through LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs
    • Personalize your content to meet the different needs of your customers
    • Build a plan of attack and leverage all available tools and resources, especially social media
  • Hear direct from Senior IT Decision Makers: Live and unplugged
    • The decision making process, considerations, and influencers for today's IT executive
    • How IT pros regard established brands versus new players
    • The most effective ways for marketers to surround buying teams throughout the sales cycle
    • Which marketing strategies have been successful and which have failed at engaging Senior IT decision makers and their budget

Register now and join your marketing peers from leading technology organizations such as Cisco, HP, Moka5, Oracle, Symantec, VMware and many others.

An event designed by marketers for marketers

This exclusive, technology marketing event demonstrates all the latest, successful intelligence driven marketing techniques, engagement metrics, social media strategies, and best practices proven by hundreds of worldwide technology vendors.

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8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Registration and networking breakfast

9:00 AM - 9:45 AM

Session in detail

Market Intelligence Live! Senior IT Panel Discussion

Jonathan Reichental, Chief Information Officer, City of Palo Alto
Jon Brown, Vice President, Market Intelligence

9:45 AM - 10:30 AM

Session in detail

Intelligence Driven Marketing: Creating a sales addiction to marketing

Courtney Kay, Vice President, Field and Product Marketing


10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

Session in detail

Intelligence Driven Sales: Changing the revenue game in 2014

Justin Hoskins, Vice President, Product Innovation and Architecture
Jeff Ramminger, Senior Vice President, Field/Product Marketing and Client Consulting

11:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Session in detail

Tech Marketer Talks: A Discussion with's Online Marketing Team

David Tam, Online Marketing Manager,
Peter Ross, Vice President, Corporate Marketing

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Closing Remarks followed by Networking Lunch

Kevin Beam, President

Speakers and experts

Jonathan Reichental Jonathan Reichental Bio
Chief Information Officer
City of Palo Alto
David Tam David Tam Bio
Online Marketing Manager
Kevin Beam Kevin Beam Bio
Jon Brown Bio
Vice President, Market Intelligence
Justin Hoskins Bio
Vice President, Product Innovation and Architecture
Courtney Kay Bio
Vice President, Field and Product Marketing
Jeff Ramminger Bio
Senior Vice President, Field/Product Marketing and Client Consulting
Peter Ross Bio
Vice President, Corporate Marketing
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Reasons to attend

Live IT panel tells all on how to make the short-list of today's tech buyer

  • Which vendors are grabbing the lion share attention and budget of Senior IT decision makers
  • Why ignoring members of the IT buying team could be costing marketing deals

Actionable methods to make your content stand out from the noise and engage the right audience

  • 5 common mistakes marketers make with their content strategies, and how to avoid them
  • Effective methods to build personas and convert them into sales opportunities
  • Techniques to generate stronger deliverables for sales through readily available data and intelligence

Insight and guidance into what you need to change in order to identify true sales opportunities

  • How to build an enhanced profile of leads and identify those that are truly sales-ready
  • Cutting edge strategies to help uncover sales-ready leads you may be overlooking
  • Approaches to help you predict new sales opportunities, and proactively get in front of them

Exclusive access to the latest research and tools to help you enhance your marketing strategies

  • Dive deep into the TechTarget's latest Media Consumption research report to learn how the needs and preferences of technology buying teams have changed and what adjustments are required to accommodate them.
  • Learn how to identify active, sales-ready accounts for your sales teams with an in-depth look into TechTarget's newest product, IT Deal Alert™.

Unlimited networking opportunities with more than 100 of your Bay Area technology marketing peers

  • Learn about the latest marketing strategies from peers of other local technology companies of all sizes and industries.
  • Discover how your marketing peers are tackling the same challenges you face in engaging today's technology buyer.

ROI Summit Blog

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Why Marketing Data is Useless without Intelligence
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Rethinking Customer Engagement
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Using customer insight to make data-driven marketing decisions
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Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsors are an integral component of the Summit and a chance to speak with key IT marketers about your solutions. For information about our sponsorship packages, click here.

To learn more, contact:
Pam Barros
Sales Manager
TechTarget Business Applications & Architecture Media
Phone: 617-431-9696

Hotel and city information

Date and Location

April 17, 2014
San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront (directions)
1800 Old Bayshore Highway
Burlingame California 94010
Tel: (650) 692-9100

TechTarget contact

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Gregg Albee
Delegate Relations

For questions about session content, speakers, etc. contact:

Chris Rudnick
Marketing Manager

TechTarget ROI Advisory Board

We owe a special thanks to all of the members of our ROI advisory board for helping us bring together such a polished and helpful event. They have been the guiding voices in helping us field many successful events over the past 4 years along with instructing us on new research direction to serve the entire technology marketing field better.

Chris Bagnall Bio
Managing Director, EMEA
DWA Media
Chad Carlson Bio
Director of Global Advertising
Kirsten Cox Bio
Director of Product & Programs Marketing, EMEA, CA Technologies
Ed Gaudet Bio
Chief Marketing Officer
Stuart Giddings Bio
Managing Director
Just International
James Goodfellow Bio
Demand Generation Manager
DataFlux Corporation
Victoria Grey Bio
Senior Vice President of Marketing
Isabelle "Iz" Kane Bio
Vice President, Client Services
DWA Media
Tamina Plum Bio
Worldwide Business Director
Eric-Jan "EJ" Schmidt Bio
Vice President, Corporate Marketing
Hitachi Data Systems